ZEPPELIN LZ1 - High End Product - Hand Made Carbon Fiber Frame in ITALY on specific biker measures.

Carbon frame with extraordinary design specifications and features that far exceed the already excellent features of the famous predecessor.

The new ZEPPELIN LZ1 is Beautiful and Elegant, its fluid and balanced lines immediately attract attention by providing an image of modernity mixed with classic Italian style but under its fluid and elegant dress shows all its muscles and aggressiveness developed by tubes and moldings designed specifically to do one thing, running faster with maximum efficiency.

The pedaling efficiency achieved by the new ZEPPELIN LZ1 is simply extraordinary, accurate road and lab tests demontrate that, with the same applied pedal force, the LZ1 offers a performance increase of over 20% compared to the previous model, thus achieving an extraordinary action efficiency. All this has been made possible by the particular shapes of the individual pipes, the design as a whole, the highest quality materials and the wise bandage of the junctions which, depending on their specific function and position in the frame, help to define the dynamics of action of the bike during the ride.

The Differentiated Steering Tube Profiles guarantee maximum precision and driving stability, ensuring stable trajectories at high speeds, directional changes and sprinters have never been so fast and the driving sensation is simply extraordinary.

The Rear Train with oversized tubes with special Kevlar treatments guarantees stiffnes among the highest in the market, a unique rear wheel stability, even during the most intense action, the seat tube through its moldings and profile characterizes the LZ1 unique bike style as a whole, providing the necessary stability at the most critical points in an extremely lightweight carbon frame.

Clean lines, elegant graphics, tinted shades and brilliant finish along with internal cables and guides contribute to the clean look of the bike as a whole, the excellence and tradition of MADE IN ITALY is all about the details of this magnificent racing bike.

Building excellence, materials, and efficiency are not all. The new ZEPPELIN LZ1 is built on the specific measurements required by the biker, is a tailored suit, sewn and made in unique units, with the name of the owner engraved on the horizontal tube to make the LZ1 the faithful companion of your rides.

The ZEPPELIN LZ1 can be ordered as a complete bike and built with the selected groupset or just the frame kit

Technical specifications:ZEPPELIN LZ1  2018 Edition:

  • High Module Fiber Carbon Frame HandMade in Italy
  • Carbon Fiber Pipes with specific Textures to optimize behaviour dinamics
  • Carbon Fiber Pipes with Kevlar to increase frame structure and resistence
  • Custom Made Frame
  • Frame Stiffness >= 160 Nm
  • 5 years Warranty to first Owner
  • Total bike weight as in the picture 6.26Kg
ZEPPELIN LZ1 - Fork finish detail
ZEPPELIN LZ1 - Down Tube detail
ZEPPELIN LZ1 HandMade in Italy
ZEPPELIN LZ1 Down Tube detail