Zeppelin Bike is a small artisan laboratory located in the North West of Italy, specialized on road racing wheelsets and road carbon frames. With a long and consolidated experience in the cycling sector, ZEPPELIN BIKE provides its products directly to users without middlemen companies, agents, importers, distributors and shops. In this way, we provide the best quality at the best price

ZEPPELIN racing bikes and road wheelsets are high end quality products with technical specifications at the top of the market, built up using the best of breed available technology and assembled by experts qualified technicians.

All ZEPPELIN products are highly customizable with name or color of choice in order to create your new dream bike or new set of wheels. With ZEPPELIN products, it is possible to adapt the color of your new ZEPPELIN Road wheelset with your current bike frame, just ask and we will do our best to create it as you like, in these cases, You will receive an high quality rendering image representing the wheels graphics for your review and if they look good for you we go to the next step with the preparation of your new ZEPPELIN racing wheels.

All Road ZEPPELIN bicycle and road wheelsets are made, designed and realized with a unique goal, to be effective on the ride. Every production step is made to achieve the best possible quality and long lasting usage keeping in mind that a good road wheel or carbon frame must be extremely lightweight stiff and very reactive. All points that can only be reached by expertise and superior quality components.

Let me telling you something about my products

Very often they ask me what is the secret to get the perfect racing wheel for their beloved bicycle without the need to spend a fortune, something that, however, does not guarantee on real effective quality.

To answer this simple question, one must draw from the world of Italian craftsmanship experience, admired and esteemed throughout the world. The difference between the ZEPPELIN craft wheels and those made on the assembly line is there and you can feel it from the first rides. But why ?

The large industry, as such, must operate in a logic of production volumes, cost rationalizations and processing times, distribution costs, sales and advertising & marketing costs, also through campaigns to follow more or less important sporting events . It is for these and many other reasons that the final price of an "industrial" racing bike wheel is often disproportionate, because what you pay is not just the wheel, but all what is around it .... all things you certainly don't need  to get out with your bike!

All these commercial or advertising aspects, on the contrary, are foreign to the artisan world where we do not have logic of volumes or rationalization of production processes or to create a more or less complex sales chain. What you pay for in this case is above all the product, with its materials and the craftsmanship necessary for processing.

At this point you will ask, ok for the price but how can we guarantee the quality and performance that a racing bike wheel must have? What is the secret?

You need to know that to get a quality racing bike wheel that is able to provide very high performances, stiffness and of course durability, it's not enough to take a hub, a rim and a number of spokes and assemble them. Doing so you certainly get a wheel that turns but it will certainly never be the pair of super wheels for your beloved road bike that you've always dreamed. Many cyclists tell me that they have wheels with rim hubs and even spokes of great overpaid brands but their wheels do not go as they expect .... Why? What is the secret, if any, to have real super wheels for racing bikes?

The reason is simple, the secret to having racing bike wheels worthy of the this name lies in the design of components to work in total harmony combined with the wise and accurate handcrafted assembly. In other words, all the components must be designed and built to form an integrated system that works in harmony like a large orchestra and complete them with a manual work that only an expert craftsman can perform.

A good spoke, hub or rim, which is robust for touring bikes or super light for the most demanding riders, must be perfectly integrated into the wheel system in all its points, it is not enough that it is "branded" or expensive.

Now, I'd like to tell you that all ZEPPELIN racing wheels meet the highest quality standards and use specifically developed components to work in total harmony to make just one thing, go fast.

The ZEPPELIN 700C aluminum racing wheels use 6082 T6 alloys to guarantee maximum rigidity and lightness, the special aluminum alloy used on ZEPPELIN racing wheels allows perfect extrusion during forming at the maximum mechanical resistance with thinner walls to obtain ultra light and responsive wheels. The rims are chemically connected to obtain maximum structural stability and balance at high speeds and have a wear indicator on the braking tracks. The RIM holes to house the nipples are made with the optimal angle to allow a perfect alignment of the forces exerted by the Nipples and Spokes towards hubs flanges.

In all ZEPPELIN racing wheels the ultra-light flat spokes offer a great aerodynamic advantage and are made of ultra-thin stainless steel for maximum air penetration and sealing, the lateral stiffness is so high and the heads of the spokes are made with the same angle as the hub flange holes to ensure perfect coupling and long-lasting effective usage.

The straight head hubs are obtained by processing a single block of Ergal Aluminum with very high mechanical strength and super light weight. This allows to obtain a body with an extremely stable and robust structure. The distance of the flanges is designed according to the characteristics of the rims to allow reaching the perfect tension and rigidity necessary to achieve the performance that a racing bike wheel must have. The straight head system allows an absolute stability in time of the tensioning of single spokes and extraordinary lateral rigidity levels.

All this and much more, combined with the Italian craftsmanship experience where every single step is performed by hand, carefully controlling and balancing the tension of each single spoke, of each single component, from the bearings housing to the internal axle adjustment,  to the nipples positioning .... taking and using the needed time, with passion and attention..this is a different word.

All this to create and assemble the best ZEPPELIN road bike wheels of all time, a pure expression of sporting passion and artisan experience able to offer the performance you've always wanted from your racing bike.

If you have decided to touch the quality of ZEPPELIN racing wheels or road bikes but don't know how to proceed, don't worry, I invite you to contact me to understand the best choice for your riding style and organize a test ride so you can feel the difference.

All ZEPPELIN products are produced on ordering. Delivery times may vary depending on the period and the number of orders in progress.

Contact us to know the current production time and Book Now Your New ZEPPELIN Racing Wheels

You can contact me by calling +393487485293 or writing to info@zeppelinbike.com.

All the Best from ZEPPELIN BIKE