Why Zeppelin bikes are only available online?
To ensure the best value for money. In this way we avoid any alteration to the price that inevitably would be applied with a typical commercial chain manufacturer-importer-distributor-shop. Zeppelin bikes are sold directly by the manufacturer making it possible to purchase a top of the range bike at an unbeatable price.

I do not see reviews in magazines about the Zeppelin bikes. Why?
Zeppelin Bike for choice does not pursue commercial campaigns in specialized magazines or advertisements or sponsors in order to increase its visibility as inevitably the cost of the advertising campaigns will increse the final cost of bicycles.
Our commitment is to propose instead racing bikes at the highest quality level, with the best value for money in the market with limited runs. We do not aim to volume, but the quality.

Where the bikes are made ?
Zeppelin LZ-1 and Zeppelin LZ-3 are designed and manufactured entirely by hand in Italy. They are made on the specific customer requirements and represent the top range in the Zeppelin bike models.
Zeppelin AIR frames are imported from partner factories and finished and assembled by hand in Italy  like the high end range frames LZ-1 and LZ-3 and equipped with the same components.

The wheels are handmade in Italy and tested directly on individual frames where they will be assembled. The choice of materials and components is the result of long and detailed tests carried out on the road with more than 12,000 km traveled throughout Europe in the summer of 2012 and concluded in the spring of 2013. All bike components are at the top of respective range and are available on all Zeppelin Bike models, spokes, rims, hubs and tires are the ultimate combination for a Zeppelin Bike set up in terms of reliability, durability and lightness.

Even the definition of the graphics, the design of waterslide and their application, along with the finishing of frames and final assembly is all strictly hand-made in Italy. Only the best.

In addition to the Custom Made in Italy frames, do you have also standard monocoque carbon frames?

Yes, we have just updated our website with the new Zeppelin AIR pictures and tech details available with standard sizes.
The website does not allow to proceed to the purchase of Zeppelin Bikes products. What should I do to order a product?
 To order Zeppelin Bike products, write to info@zeppelinbike.com

Do you produce  ZEPPELIN MTB wheels ?

Yes, the new ZEPPELIN MTB wheels are just uploaded in the website

 Why is there a discount code?
The discount code is reserved for Zeppelin GmbH employees in the world. If you are a Zeppelin Group employee you may ask the discount code to your human resource office.


How long does it take to receive a custom-made bike from time of order?

CUSTOM MADE in Italy series are made to the owner's measure and must be realized and assembled only after receiving the order along with related information on the specific geometry and components required by the customer.

The delivery  time is about 6 weeks. in any case, at the order definition we will be able to communicate a more precise estimate.
For Zeppelin AIR models delivery times are definitely faster because the frames are already made in standard sizes.
We suggest in any case to contact us for more precise details about the delivery time depending on the build queue at the moment.


Is it possible to order only the frame or just the wheels?
Yes, you can order just a frame or pair of wheels. We do not sell individual components or groups.


How can I order a custom frame LZ-1 or LZ-3 ?
The dream of owning and using a custom made carbon fiber bike is now accessible. All LZ-1 and LZ-3 are available with your personalized unique body measures.
To order a custom-made bike you may tell us your desired frame geometry and measurements or alternatively we provide you with a form to fill out with your body measurements and instructions on how to take them as the horse, torso, arms ... including driving style, frequency and intensity of exercise.
In this way we calculate the frame dimension and geometry best suited for you.